Japanese Tomesode Kimono - Cranes and Flowers

Vintage Japanese black tomesode kimono, with decoration of cranes and flowers.

Vintage Japanese tomesode kimono, black with five mon.

Women's tomesode kimono. Black chirimen silk crepe with stunning red silk lining.
This is a formal style of kimono, traditionally worn by married women and geisha.
The decoration is found on the lower part of the kimono only.
Design of cranes and flowers, with five ageha cho crests (swallowtail butterfly).
Two mon (crests) on front panels, three on back panels.
Red silk three-quarter lining, the decoration extends onto the inside of the kimono
below the lining.
Size: Length 139cm. Sleeve to sleeve 132cm. Sleeve length 52cm.

Material: chirimen silk crepe

Age: vintage/used

Condition: very good. There is some fading inside the collar and a small mark on the lining (see photos)

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