Japanese Tomesode Kimono - Cranes by a River - SOLD

Vintage Japanese black tomesode kimono, with decoration of cranes standing by a river.
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Vintage Japanese tomesode kimono, black with five mon.

Women's tomesode kimono. Black chirimen silk crepe with white lining.
This is a formal style of kimono, traditionally worn by married women and geisha.
The decoration is found on the lower part of the kimono only.
Design of cranes standing by a river, with five chigai takanoha crests (crossed hawk feathers).
Two mon (crests) on front panels, three on back panels.
Size: Length 152cm. Sleeve to sleeve 132cm. Sleeve length 48.5cm. Weight 1600g.

Material: chirimen silk crepe

Age: vintage/used

Condition: excellent

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