About Kimono

Useful information about kimono:

Storage: Kimono and haori are normally stored folded flat, or can be displayed on hangers.

Cleaning: All our silk vintage and antique clothing items are specialist clean only.
Cotton yukata may be hand washed in cold water, however please be aware that traditional Japanese dyes are often not colour-fast and care should be taken in case colours run.

Age: The age of the item is given according to the Japanese classification.
Pre-1950s is described as "antique", 1950s onwards is described as "vintage".

Marks: On vintage and antique items these are usually yellow starch spots from storage or larger water-marks on silk fabrics.

Storage stitches: Some kimono and haori have white basting stitches along their edges.
These are put in after cleaning when the item is being stored to keep the fabric flat and should be removed before wearing.

Size: Traditional Japanese clothing does not have sizing information. Dimensions are given in the item description.
The image below shows where the measurements are taken for kimono, yukata and haori listed on the website.