Our latest news:

I've added a note about our delivery charges to the Delivery Page.
Our shopping cart calculates delivery charges per item. This means if you buy several items the charge may end up being more than the actual delivery cost. If this happens we will refund the extra amount to your PayPal account when your order is despatched. We will never charge you more for postage than it costs us to send your item.

Two more vintage men's kimono added to the site today.

Today's additions - more men's kaku and heko obi.
Stock of beautiful new wooden hairpins has arrived. I'll be photographing and adding these to the site soon.

Today's additions - one antique men's kimono and a few antique men's obi. More to come!

Added one antique men's kimono to the site. I do have a few more photographed and ready to add, along with some men's obi, so these will be up on the site very soon.

We will be using courier services to despatch orders during the coronavirus outbreak.
This may take a little longer than the usual next-day services, but we still expect your order to be with you within approx. 2-4 working days.

I have various types of men's obi (vintage & antique) and some men's kimono to add to the site.
Hopefully there will be some good light for the next few days so I can get these photographed and online.
We are open as usual and stock is as shown on the website. Delivery times still seem to be normal.
Take care of yourselves and stay safe everyone!

New additions to the Men's Kimono added today.
Lovely black silk men's kimono with five mon (crests),
unlined dark blue silk kimono and a plain blue/grey silk kimono.

Also added a new section for decorated writing paper and envelopes - two styles so far with more to come.

Two new additions to the shop today.
Vintage brown silk men's kimono in excellent condition and an antique blue men's silk kimono in fairly good condition for its age.

Clearance items!
Women's Vintage Japanese unlined omeshi silk kimono with abstract design.
Japanese vintage yukata for women, with blue and white abstract design.
Extra small Japanese style paulownia wood geta with padded toe thongs.

New addition to the shop today - Men's Brown Silk Haori. This is in excellent condition and ready to wear.

New stock of vintage and antique men's kimono have arrived so I'll be adding these just as soon as I've finished photographing!

There's also new stock of some very pretty Chinese greetings cards arriving soon, looking forward to getting these on the site!

New in the shop today - Antique black silk men's haori with an inner design of house and landscape pictures. This haori has some damage and wear, but is in reasonable condition for its age.
More new stock is here and will be added soon!

Special offer on all geta sandals!

Happy Lunar New Year!

New Japanese prints now available. More coming soon.

Last order date for Christmas delivery: 20th December.

Christmas cards / winter greetings cards now in stock!
Cards feature winter-themed woodblock prints by Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Today is "Kimono Day"!
(Japan Kimono Promotion Association)

Autumn Sale!
Discounts on Chinese Silk Scrolls and wooden geta sandals.
Ends 31st October.

New in - more sizes of white cotton tabi socks!

Two men's vintage Japanese kimono added to the shop today.
The first is a dark blue silk with a kasuri pattern. There is a little wear on the shoulder seams, but it's still in a very good and wearable condition.
The other is a plain brown kimono in tsumugi silk with a textured weave and soft lining. This is a very attractive kimono in excellent condition made by Matsuya.

Just added - Japanese style paulownia wood geta clogs.
Only extra small sizes available at the moment, but more sizes coming soon!

New Chinese printed silk scrolls are now in stock and available to order. The scrolls are really lovely - great colours and the fabric hangs beautifully.
Much as I love the understated single colour ink of the vintage Japanese scrolls I have to say these Chinese scrolls are simply stunning!

I'm changing some of the shop categories around a bit today, ready for some new items that will be in stock soon. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Two vintage yukata added to the website today. One for men, one for women - both in excellent condition. Freshly washed and pressed and ready to wear!

Some new additions to the website today.
Two men's tsumugi silk kimono, one indigo and one brown.
Plus a really stunning red women's kimono with a pattern of autumn trees.

New on the website today!
Men's dark blue tsumugi silk haori with shogunate parade design on inner lining. In excellent condition with just a couple of small water marks on the lining, which are hard to see in the background design.

Just added - women's check kimono with red, green and white stripes on a black background.
This is a really lovely kimono in one of my favourite styles. Excellent condition and will be fantastic to wear.

New this weekend!
Men's dark blue summer and festival yukata - washed, pressed and ready to wear. I really like the colour and pattern of this one. It's a more modern style but has a traditional look.

Also just added - another new favourite of mine - vintage silk tsumugi Japanese kimono with woven kikko and flower pattern. The colours and pattern on this one are really interesting and I love tsumugi silk, it has such a wonderful texture. Unfortunately this has all over discolouration to the upper lining, but is still perfectly wearable and I can't see any stains or imperfections on the outer surface.

The sun is so strong here at the moment it's difficult to take photos, so apologies for odd shadows on the latest additions!

Japanese ukiyo-e bookmarks and Chinese Bamboo and "Four Gentlemen" bookmarks now available.

New stock of postcards and greetings cards added today. Postcards featuring "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" by Hokusai, plus postcards and greetings cards featuring traditional Chinese ink paintings and poems.

Added today -Japanese cotton yukata for women, with geometric flower pattern. Great condition - washed, pressed and ready to wear.

New stock of cards, postcards and bookmarks has just arrived, so I'll be adding these as soon as I get them all photographed!

Added today:
Women's yukata with chrysanthem pattern - some small marks, not noticeable in wear.
Men's haori in dark blue tsumugi silk with a lovely handpainted farmhouse and mountain design on the inner lining.

Added today - two vintage silk women's haori. One oshima-tsumugi silk with a diamond pattern in excellent condition, and one black silk with a Chinese landscape design.

New wall hanging scroll featuring red Mt. Fuji with two flying cranes added to the shop today. This is a printed silk scroll in excellent conditon.
New stock photographed and ready to add - haori and yukata coming soon!

New men's obi added to the shop today.
Lots of new stock waiting to be added to the shop at the moment, but I'm waiting for the weather to improve a bit so I have some decent light for photos!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Bank Holiday - and had less thunderstorms than we did!
New on the shop today - men's and women's obi (and a few more to add later!).

Congratulations to Yokozuna Kakuryu on winning his first back to back Grand Sumo Tournament!

The May Grand Sumo Tournament starts on Sunday, so there's a discount on our Hokusai's Manga Sumo Wrestlers mugs to celebrate!

It's beautiful weather here (we always have our best summer weather in April!) and perfect for yukata. So we've put all yukata on sale this week so you can enjoy the sunshine!

More men and women's summer and festival yukata added to the sale!

Happy New Year!
January Sale! Discounts on summer & festival yukata & obi.

New kimono added to the website. Two women's and one men's antique kimono.

Last order dates for Christmas for in-stock items is 20th December.

It's cold and snowy outside, but we're dreaming of summer with our latest stock of vintage men's yukata!

Tabi socks added to the site! These are the traditional style, spilt-toe socks with metal clasps.

Very sorry for the extended downtime today! We're now back in action and with new and vintage yukata kimonos to photograph and add to the site. Busy, busy...

New range of posters and prints almost ready to add to the site!
(Just as soon as I've finished writing the descriptions...)

It's been a busy summer so I have some catching up to do here on the website!
Now added our latest mug designs. Portraits of famous 18th and 19th century Kabuki actors by Toyokuni and Hokushu and a scene by Utamaro. As always these are available in two sizes - standard 11oz and extra large 15oz.

New mugs added featuring juggling Tengu from Hokusai's manga sketches and 18th century portraits of Japanese women by Shuncho and Utamaro.

New! - Ceramic mugs in two sizes featuring Japanese designs and prints.

Added today - vintage men's haori. Dark blue tsumugi silk fabric in fortune hexagon pattern with books and calligraphy design on the inner lining.

Added today - vintage men's haori. Dark blue tsumugi silk fabric with Chinese Guardian lion and gourd design on the inner lining.

Two new vintage wall hanging scrolls added - more to come!

Happy New Year from the Kimono Garden!
We've got some new stock to add for the New Year - wall hangings and men's haori - so we'll be adding these as soon as we can!

Added today - two men's vintage kimono.
These two are very similar dark indigo colour in oshima-tsumugi silk with a fortune hexagon pattern and plain blue silk lining.
These are vintage items in lovely condition.
One has a few small pulls in the thread on the back and sleeves.

Our last posting date for Christmas orders is 20th December.

Wall hanging scrolls added - more to come!

Small selection of woodblock prints added.
Dating from the 1930s, these are hand-printed on Japanese paper.

Christmas cards now back in stock!

Christmas/winter greetings cards will be back in stock Monday or Tuesday next week.
Both sets - Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Welcome to our new online shop!

We've been busily adding products for the last few weeks and now we're ready to launch. We hope you'll find something you like.
We still have some goodies to add and we are constantly adding new products as they arrive so please check back regularly to see what's new.